2017 TRIStacey Athletes

Sterling Alexander

Sterling is a power house of a man: roadie, crit racer, and now 140.6 specialist. His quick wit matches his quick pace- so beware. It will be exciting to watch him embrace 140.6 miles of patience to let his endurance talent shine through the miles.

Impossible to resist joking about polishing up our Sterling for Ironman France. Shine, baby shine!

Emily Dean

Recent UNC grad Emily Dean lowers the median age of our stellar roster and shows us all that the future of the sport is with the “kids.” In 2015, Emily raced her first half Ironman, her first mountain road race, and her first full marathon. Her 2017 goal event is a strong fall running event.

Robert Crews

Robert Crews is the newest distance talent in our tri tribe.  New to triathlon, he is already a distance master and it seems Ironman may not be long enough for him!    Look for a stellar performance at 140.6 Coeur D’Alene, as Robert races his heart out and lays it on the line.

Katie Hamister

Katie Hamister returns to the roster of greatness again this year, as both a sponsor and an Iron-distance athlete.    Iron Katie is quite a special bird:  she loves power tests, she embraces track workouts, and she balances full time work, two kids, and still nails top age group honors in most races.  Phew!

Pull hard for her at IM Lake Placid 2017!!

Meredith Clark

Media professor Meredith brings it on to a fall target race for 2017.   As she steps it up from completion to competition, beware her true colors and killer instinct.    Welcome, Meredith!

Jennifer Stomberg Chang

Jennifer “Strombe” Chang is new to the roster this year.    She brings a lot of race experience and reminds us all to “pay it back” by “paying it forward.”  She reminds us all to find a cause or someone to help in their training journey.   Athletically, she hails from collegiate water polo, so consider yourself warned before she swims over you with a quiet smile. 🙂   This summer she tackles her first mountain cycling ride with over 6k of elevation!  Ride, Strombe, ride!

Todd Grooms- sponsor

Sponsor Todd Grooms has brought us the support of the Grate Dane Rescue Alliance for 2017.    We are so excited to have his support and to support the great work of the Alliance.  Look for his return to racing in 2018.

Jeffrey Anderson

Jeffrey joins is in 2017 for his first foray into multisport.    His big 50th dreams are Iron dreams and his journey will include triathlons of various distances.  He has shown mad cycling ability early on and has conquered two brutal mountain metrics in the first 4 months of his training!  Grab a coffee with this mindful-practice deep thinker and reflect on your dreams too!

Bilal Saib- 2017 Sponsor

Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry Sponsor Bilal returns to triathlon training at the 70.3 distance in the fall of 2017.  This busy dentist is the “glue” of our tri tribe and the reason we all develop deep friendships in addition to suffering.  Bilal reminds us that every day counts and that there is always time to help another athlete on the roster.   But if you ride with him, you still need to carry your own flat kit! 😉

Coleman Whittier

Our beloved Coleman returns to the roster in 2017.   She and her husband were amongst the first sponsors of TRIstacey coaching and she is forever loved and cherished by our crew.

Coleman is a masters athlete, mother of 3, former bada++ D 1 gymnast turned middle distance triathlete.  She is always up for any adventure or event, sleep not required but good music is!   She has rock ‘n roll energy of a youngster, the wisdom of a masters athlete, and the gift of balancing fun and hard work in her training.

Look for her at Lake Logan and her first mountain Olympic distance race in August 2017.

Blair Bost

Iron Blair comes back to the roster after 4 years away.  Wow, did we miss him!!  He returns with a new determination and level of mindful practice as he trains his heart out for 2017 Coeur D’Alene.    Blair is a real asset to every group lucky enough to have him, including our tri tribe.   This masters eagle scout can cook up a storm, laugh hard, train long, and smile through hardship like nobody’s business.  Go, Blair, go!

Tim Wilson

He’s not just a great accent! British triathlete Tim is a super cyclist turned triathlete. 2012 marked his first open water race and now he’s a top 70.3 masters age grouper. Watch him blow by you on the bike. Then let him surprise you with his run!

2017 has so far been a 15 minute PR at the 70.3 distance, his first track running meet, and sub 6 miles pace as a new accomplishment.   Don’t even try to say you slow down with age around Tim.  He is living proof of smart training with age means constant improvement!