TRIstacey Athletes

Emily Dean- Recent UNC grad Emily Dean lowers the median age of our stellar roster and shows us all that the future of the sport is with the “kids.”   Emily will race local Sprints, Olympics, and her first 70.3 this year as part of the roster.  Don’t let her charm fool you before she rips off your legs on the race course.

Jeff Abrams- Alum Jeff returns to roster with his sights set on Ironman 2015.  He is a laid-back, kind killer athlete. Don’t let his calm and kindness fool you: he is a stellar athlete and former Division I swimmer!

Jennie Staton- supermodel cute mommy who brings the fun to our workouts- “jennie bug” seems all play but in 2015 she’s a serious player! Raleigh 70.3 will be her first Half Iron distance event and you bet she will be ready.

Coleman Whittier- TRIstacey business sponsor  and former collegiate gymnast, Coleman returns to structured triathlon training for 2014 after knee surgery.  She is off to Paris 105 for a little 26.2 and lots of fun along the way!

Marian Bergdolt- former Collegiate 5k runner, gymnast, bike racer, swimmer and über athlete.   No doubt that  Ramblin Rose Series won’t want her back after  this year.  She won it handily!  Look for her A game at Nationals and onto Worlds in 2015.

Tim Wilson- He’s not just a great accent!  New British triathlete Tim is a super cyclist turned triathlete.   2012 marked his first open water race and it seems he’s hooked.  Watch him blow by you on the bike. Then let him surprise you with his run!

Jenn Mayfield- Jenn comes to the roster from a strong swimming and water polo background.  Her sweet nature may fool you but her strong swimming and open water skills are no joke.  Jenn competes at every distance from sprint to full Iron-distance race and has PR’d at all distances since joining the roster.  Look for her mermaid debut in the 5 mile St Croix Open Water swim, October 2014!

Bilal Saib- Irondentist and 2012 Ironman Florida finisher.  If you ask him nicely, he will make you Turkish date balls, but count on a toothbrush with those treats!   Bilal brings strong talent from tae kwon do and gymnastics.   We welcome him as a Silver Sponsor this year and bear his logo on our swim caps and bike jerseys. Swim fast for Bilal!

Jessica Henry-  Mother of 3 and survivor of a horrific 2012 bike crash,  Jess joins us for a rebuild year.  She will tackle sprints, olympics and perhaps a 70.3.   She has the build to intimidate, the talent to match, and now the smart training to execute.

Caroline Kratz-  Caroline returns to tri’s after the birth of her 5th child.  This former World Cup rower will over power you in all three sports, tower over you with her 6 feet of greatness, and offer up a gentle smile and some modest comment.  As a TRIstacey athlete, she won the Beaver Dam Triathlon overall in 2011a and 2013, PR’d her 70.3 races, and raced her first Ironman race.  2014 will bring her to Olympic Distance Triathlon Worlds, representing team USA!!!  Consider yourself warned.

Jenny Bradley- 2014 Gold Sponsor and former ball sports girl turned runner.  Jenny is a family mediator and lawyer and her practice supports TRIstacey Coaching with generous sponsorship.  Jenny continues to set PR’s at all running events and has set her sights on 13.1 at 2014 Rock n Roll Marathon.

Sara Nicholson-  Sara comes to our roster after her first Ironman as a finisher.  Be forewarned that in 2014 she’s out to compete.   Her background includes life as professional musician, mother of two, and life  happily married to her high school sweet heart.  Her sights are set on a fast 26.6 in 2015

Kyle Habecker- Kyle brings huge talent in all three sports to both road and off-road triathlon racing. This year, he returns from the woods and  X Terra racing to road triathlons.    Kyle has a cool job at Performance Bikes, so chat him up about anything bikes before he drops you!

Scott Wilcoxen-  Scottie brings a tower of talent to the roster for 2014-2015.   This year watch him fly through Raleigh 70.3 and onto Ironman Louisville.  He inspires the rest of us to HTF… and to never give up.   Take a dose of his great attitude and run with it!