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January 2, 2011
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So we’re off to the races again.  Well, almost.  ; )

To put my head in the game I’ve been doing lots of reading.  It’s profound how much time there is without Ironman training!  🙂

And an article I was reading the other day caught my eye.  It’s from TRIswimcoach online, a genius of a guy who posts lots of food for thought. It’s about being coachable.


Basically, David retraces Dara’s first steps of her comeback, her first 50 meters of swimming before Stanford coach Richard Quick stopped her and said “we don’t swim like that anymore” and completely re-made her stroke.

It touches on the faith part of coaching, the sheer belief in your coach and your willingness to give up control.  It’s one of the hardest things to do, ever.
Belief in your coach is EVERYTHING in every sport.  If you don’t have 100% belief in your coach,  take a good hard look and that relationship and how many if’s, and’s, or but’s have made their way into the crevices.
let 2012 be the year you can fly.
 Put yourself in somebody else’s capable hands and let go.  You’ll fly.


Stacey is a former professional triathlete turned full-time elite coach. Certifications include USAT Level I and II. USA Cycling Elite Coach, Levels 1, 2, and 3. USA Track and Field Level I. TRX Instructor Certification.

  • So it’s a small world, Apparently, I am friendly with one of your athletes. She saw the post and emailed me the link. Thank you very much for the feedback. I haven’t been writing much lately, but plan on getting going full tilt again in the next few weeks. I will certainly start following your stuff as well. Hope you have a super triathlon season!

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