Beyond Winning

Published: March 29, 2015, on Blog

“Winning isn’t everything: it’s the only thing” unknown “Second place is first loser” unknown “In this life, the more you win, the higher you go” Daniel Nayeri Do you ever wonder how many thoughts on winning flood our brains every day?   As we swim, bike, run, race, and soldier on in our triathlon endeavors, […]


If you hate it…

Published: April 4, 2012, on Blog

“If you hate it, it’s good for you!”   Never short on words, I recently tossed this out to a disgruntled athlete and over the weekend,  it stayed in my head as a refrain.  I watched, proudly, as my 25 proud campers dug so deep in their deliberate suffering and faced their “I hate this” […]


Open Water Worries

Published: March 5, 2012, on Blog, Mentorship
that's me- ready for my first panic attack!

This week’s training tip  was published on last week.   I was soooo excited that they accepted this for publication, as Open Water Swimming is largely about mind games. For many of us, it is terrifying and the most dreaded part of any race.   Read more about how you can conquer your fears […]


But what???

Published: December 26, 2011, on Blog, Mentorship

Will 2013 be the year that you kick your BUTs butt??? “I’d like to lose weight coach, but…” ” I was on pace to run ___  but then…” “I could have been top in my ____  but…” ” I would have made Kona but…” “I wish I had more time to train but…” We all […]


Mental Prep for Triathlon, video

Published: November 21, 2011, on Blog

A few good tips for your game from the neck up.  Please email and share your additional thoughts.


Looking Forward: Giving Back

Published: October 1, 2011, on Blog
quiet pose, fireworks

Today was a profound day for me, as I coached and yelled and heckled my athletes from the sidelines of the Pinehurst triathlon.  It was  so much fun to volunteer and to be a supporting presence on the race course. My athletes were all stellar.  They all finished shaking, stumbling, empty, and triumphant.  They took […]


swim, bike, run and then what?

Published: September 5, 2011, on Blog
What defines you?

What defines you other than swim, bike run?     With loads of time on my hands now,  I find myself flipping this question around in my mind, like flipping a pancake of several sides:  my own identity as a triathlete, coach, mother, person, etc…  I know other athletes have been through such transitions and […]


Train your race brain

Published: June 28, 2011, on Blog
timberman run 2010

Bandit’s Challenge and Kure Beach tri here in NC have reminded me what it’s like to race well  again and to embrace the suffering…  After a slow start to the season, I began having thoughts of pro card fondu for dinner.   It became a goal just to FINISH a race and not even glance […]



Published: June 16, 2011, on Blog
2009 Ironman Muskoka 70.3

What do you call yourself?   This has been on my mind lately, as some of my athletes are experiencing some epic personal growth and changes in their attitudes.  One recently said to me,  “You know, coach, I don’t just run anymore.  I call myself a runner. Since I received news today of my Level […]


Zen of Triathlon

Published: April 14, 2011, on Blog

Two weeks ago, I hosted two tri campers here in North Carolina for a week of beatings.   We had sooo much fun and I think they both left here fitter, more motivated, but more importantly, wiser. For six days, they paid to suffer and to hear Stacey-isms in every workout.  Don’t you pity them!? […]