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Published: September 20, 2014, on Blog, Weekly Workout Tip

Should your training be entertaining??????


Fun in training?  What's too much or too little?

Fun in training?

Coaches face many challenges and among them keeping clients engaged, interested, inspired, and free of injury.  Into the coaching blender throw a few more ingredients like athletes’ physical and mental health, monitoring training response, addressing sports psychology needs, designing training with real-world time limits, and balancing group training with individual training sessions.    And it’s further complicated by this issue: should training be entertaining??

Here are the questions that swirl around in every coach’s brain:

Are fun workouts the best or most optimal for results?

How much of training should feel like work compared to fun?

What’s fun to each athlete and how much?

When athletes mention fun as a primary goal, do they still need a coach?

Entertaining workouts keep athletes smiling but where is the tipping point for fun versus true training value?

The time to make workouts purely fun:     Ideally, 4-8 weeks after the final season race.  Renewal, rebasing, re-energizing, and breaking the cycle of swim, bike, run, rinse, repeat is the BEST part of any season.  Go to spin class and be entertained. Return to martial arts, trail walks, or riding your unicycle.   Return to triathlon training only when you feel ready to focus, train with purpose, and to enjoy the journey.

The time that workouts no longer seem entertaining:   Usually 4-6 weeks before a distance event during a race-specific build athletes start to fray on the edges.  Ironman training is often a six to twelve month undertaking for athletes. And four to six weeks before an event of such magnitude,  athletes SHOULD BE sick of training and ready  to race.  The best part of racing is to finally STOP TRAINING.

Coaches aren’t “entertainers” and workouts aren’t always fun, but there is room for both fun and focus in your season.  Just don’t ask us to tap dance!







Open Water Worries

Published: March 5, 2012, on Blog, Weekly Workout Tip
that's me- ready for my first panic attack!

This week’s training tip  was published on Active.com last week.   I was soooo excited that they accepted this for publication, as Open Water Swimming is largely about mind games.

For many of us, it is terrifying and the most dreaded part of any race.   Read more about how you can conquer your fears and take concrete steps to stay safe, manage your fear, and to master the technical art of open water swimming.   For more fun, see my video on u tube on race day mental preparation.   Make 2012 the year your rule your over your fears, not them over you.

Mental skills for triathlon, specifics about open water



that's me- ready for my first panic attack!

Go me, Racing Elite and afraid of the waves!



But what???

Published: December 26, 2011, on Blog, Weekly Workout Tip

Will 2013 be the year that you kick your BUTs butt???

“I’d like to lose weight coach, but…”

” I was on pace to run ___  but then…”

“I could have been top in my ____  but…”

” I would have made Kona but…”

“I wish I had more time to train but…”

We all love to explain away our shortcomings and are quite skilled at it.  It’s how we protect our egos, recover from disappointment,  and cover up what might be a lack of  preparation for achieving our goals.   It’s part of being human and we all do it.. BUT…

What if this is the year that you listen to yourself and define what are your limiters.  Listen to yourself in conversation with other athletes and listen for the BUT.  Once you do that, you have the beginnings of your 2013 training plan.   If you need an ear, hire a coach to listen for an hour or get yourself a great journal and get started!  ; )

In 2013, be an athlete who is satisfied but motivated to do more.   Motivate yourself to kick your BUTs butt in 2013.  No more excuses. Let’s work on concrete solutions!!!