Coaching Philosophy

October 20, 2011
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At TRIstacey coaching,  expect extraordinary coaching that suits your personality, athletic ability, and lifestyle.  The coach-athlete relationship takes top priority in the TRIstacey coaching model.

Expect  hands-on coaching with an eye to exercise science, functional strength, injury prevention, and long-term improvement through skill development and careful planning.

Athletes communicate in real-time through TrainingPeaks and also video feed, Skype, Facebook,  Garmin, SRM, Powertap, and/or HR monitors.

Together, we pour over the details of your training to unlock how you train and your approach to each workout.   As part of a select roster, you receive great feedback and thorough attention to the details of your training.

Obtaining a written set of workouts is easy.  Finding the right coach is the much greater challenge.  Things you should look for in a coach are:

  • responsiveness
  • excellent education
  • great rapport with clients, colleagues, and sponsors
  • proven record of success
  • variety of clientele
  • past race experience
  • investment in athletes as individuals
  • understanding of sports psychology
  • ability to meet your specific needs…all of them