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TRY IT basic
Category: Coaching Packages
Price: $105.00
Description: 1 month, TRY IT coaching package
Extra Info: 4 key workouts per week. tri and single sport programs available
Level I, II, or III?:
Premium Coaching
Category: Coaching Packages
Price: $218.50
Description: 1 month of Premium coaching package
Extra Info: includes tp fee
1 Hour Consult
Category: Coaching Consults
Description: 1 hour coaching consultation
Extra Info: name your topic, sport, concern
TRIstacey Shirt
Category: Merchandise
Price: $15.00
Description: T-shirt with TRIstacey logo
(NOTE: sizes run small)
Shirt Size:
Drop in fee
Category: drop in fee
Price: $15.00
Description: Drop in fee for Run or Bike
Kids Coaching
Category: Coaching Packages
Price: $120.00
Description: Youth training
Extra Info: single sport or triathlon
Drop In fee
Category: drop in fee, camp/ open water
Price: $22.00
Description: Open Water Clinics
Extra Info: small group fee
bike jersey
Price: $66.00
Description: race cut jersey , sizes XS- XXL
Extra Info: flat lock seams, custom jerseys done by Primal apparel
email size to
Shipping/ TP Fee
Category: shipping charge/ tp fee
Price: $10.00
Description: Use this tab to pay for shipping or 1 month of Training Peaks Premium
bike shorts
Category: apparel
Price: $105.00
Description: custom 2012-2013 kit
Extra Info: EVA Corsa . High end shorts from Primal Cycling wear
arm warmers
Category: apparel
Price: $30.00
Description: custom TRIstacey arm warmers
Set up fee, premium coaching
Price: $150.00
Description: set up fee

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