Meet Stacey

Coach Stacey Richardson

With over ten years of combined professional coach experience in multisports Coach Stacey coaches and supports each athlete on her roster to their highest skill level possible. Past coaching experience includes Special Olympic athletes to elite-level runners and triathletes.

Coach Stacey often urges her athlete to complete with single-sport athletes to refine their skills in each multisport. With a focus on exercise science, functional strength, injury prevention, and long-term improvement through skill development and careful planning, each athlete will receive hand-ons coaching geared towards achieving the highest goals.

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Coach Stacey's Philosophy

Stacey’s coaching strengths include drafting and refining custom plans for each of her athletes that will develop all three sports (swimming, biking and running) while making training sustainable, exciting and allowing for recovery. After pouring over the details each athlete’s history, Coach Stacey will unlock how each individual trains and how they approach their workout.

As part of Coach Stacey’s roster, each athlete will receive great feedback and thorough attention to the details of their training. Coach Stacey communicates with her athletes in real-time through TrainingPeaks, Skype, Facebook, Garmin Connect, SRM, PowerTap and/or HR monitors.

Coaching Qualities


Excellent Education

Great Rapport with Clients, Colleagues, and Sponsors

Proven Record of Success

Variety of Clientele

Past Race Experience

Investment in Athletes as Individuals

Understanding of Sports Psychology

Ability to meet Specific Needs…All of Them