June 16, 2011
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What do you call yourself?  

This has been on my mind lately, as some of my athletes are experiencing some epic personal growth and changes in their attitudes.  One recently said to me,  “You know, coach, I don’t just run anymore.  I call myself a runner.

Since I received news today of my Level II coaching status, it’s with even more certainty and conviction that I call myself a COACH.   This is what I’ve always dreamed of.  This is what I’ve always loved to do, regardless of the sport or the setting.  This is who I am in addition to professional triathlete, mother, friend, and busybody.  And I’m proud of it. : )

Do you ever wonder about your own process of labeling and naming?  What do you call yourself in casual conversation about your sport?  And do you merely work out or do you say you train, with that next level of conviction and certitude?

I wonder if to some extent, you are what you believe you think you are.   Sure, there’s ample room for interpretation to this, but think it through a minute longer.  Isn’t part of our sports psyche reflected in what we call ourselves?   Think about what you call yourself and why.

This reminds me of an old man I saw holding up a line of  traffic the other day on his motorcycle:  He was puttering along down low in a sort of aero  handlebar crunch  and still holding up an entire line of 15 cars!  But he thought he was aero and fast and all I could do was smile at him. 😉  No doubt in his mine he’s a speedster.  And all I can say is GO GET IT, SPEEDY!



Stacey is a former professional triathlete turned full-time elite coach. Certifications include USAT Level I and II. USA Cycling Elite Coach, Levels 1, 2, and 3. USA Track and Field Level I. TRX Instructor Certification.

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