Packages and Programs

Let’s get started!   All levels of athletes are welcome to join the roster.   Interviews are conducted with potential athletes to establish goals, values, and a shared vision of training and racing.  Then we choose each other and work together as a team!

TRIstacey coaching  services are available to you in several different ways to best meet your training needs.  Your needs evolve, and so toos hould your training.  To join group events and workouts, make sure to join our training group at Race

Premium Service

$220-$265  monthly fee.  This includes a custom-written program for you and is based on more than 3 hours of intake work using Skype or in-person interviews, written questionnaire,  assessment in all three sports, past injury and medical history, and review of current life schedule. We establish both short-term and long-term goals at our time of start-up, and we constantly revisit them throughout the year.  Your program includes weekly chat time and regular email contact. It also includes nutrition counseling, monthly live-time  food journaling, race-day planning, annual training plan, functional strength recommendations, sports psychology reading and resources, and huge discounts from our preferred providers. Part of this package is your $175.00  set up fee, which includes 45 mins of personal instruction.  You are invited to monthly coached workouts free of charge.  You log your workouts to complete the feedback loop and to keep an ongoing dialogue about your progress.  High contact clients will pay more for additional coaching time and this is determined at the time of initial interview and on an ongoing basis.

VIP Coaching

Athletes in search of a higher level of service need look no further than TRIstacey VIP.  At this service level, you receive the benefits of premium service as well as 60 monthly minutes of personal training time and additional phone contact. Training sessions are tailored to the athlete’s needs and may include: coached test sets in all 3 sports, motorpacing, in-depth analysis of races, power files and functional movement screen results, weekly meal planning, run gait review, swim video analysis, sports psychology reading and exercises, nutritional consult, supervised lab testing, or other topics of choice. This service is for the triathlete who wants frequent review of training and performance, as well as higher contact time with the coach.

You will be featured on the website as a VIP athlete and also given priority in race- plan reviews, scheduled meeting times, and expedited referrals to members of the TRIstacey performance team.

Cost: $260-400 a month

Wellness Coaching

Package options vary from $265 to $500 per month depending on how much time you need to reach your goals. Options include personal training in your home, workout buddy for any sport, and great company  for your power walks, runs, or strength sessions and additional online workouts.  You receive daily workout reminders through Training Peaks and use this to dialogue about your wellness workouts.   Reach your wellness goals in 2012 with the help of a guide.  Yes, TRIstacey does Wellness and does it WELL!

One on One Sessions

Name your topic and let’s book it!    These “Hour of Power” consults: $68/hr with written follow up and 2 contact emails.  Sessions involving travel more than 15 minutes are $75/hr.

For athletes or wellness clients wanting sport-specific work, these hourly options are a great way to target areas for development. They also make great gifts for friends, spouses, or youth athletes, ages 7 and older.

You choose the topic, and we will customize your session.  Areas of my own expertise include: technical swim instruction, swim video taping, run gait analysis and video, functional strength work, dynamic warm up, body-weight strength work including basic TRX, self myofacial release, basic yoga stretches, nutrition, sports psych prep for race day, review of v02 max and LT lab tests, running/swimming/biking “for dummies,”  bike rodeo and handling skills, basic bike fit, cycling skills focus, long-term goal setting, and defining performance assets and areas for development.

Monthly Master Practices

Monthly Coached run session continue at the UNC track.  First Sunday of each month.  Monthly group workouts at the track will be followed by group bike workouts, coached swim sessions, and run gait clinics.  Updates will be posted here as well as on Facebook.  These are open practices available to you on a drop-in basis $20 per session

Open Water Swim Training

Join a small group for Open Water Skill work at Jordan Lake.  These coached sessions are $20 per session and include individual written feedback as well as your guaranteed improvement.  The group is capped at 6 swimmers maximum to ensure your safety and improvement.  Coach Stacey is Water Safety Instructor Certified, Red Cross Professional Rescuer certified , and licensed and insured through USA Triathlon.