Ten Mistakes Triathletes Make: #1

April 30, 2018
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(Sponsor and athlete Bilal Saib feels race ready!!)

Sign up.. Follow UP!!!!

We all make mistakes (at least do)

But as athletes and as people, the question is what can we learn from them.

In this ten-part series of blog posts, I’ll be including my top 10 list of mistakes.   Feel free to debate them or add your own as a comment.   All mistakes are good mistakes if we learn, right!?   : )

#1  Sign Up without Follow Up

Pretty self explanatory, but this is just some snappy wording for a common problem.  We sign up and we don’t train properly and follow up to be really ready.    Then we wonder why on race day, the race has total control over us instead of the other way around.    Never a good feeling.   Oh, we’ve all been there!!

So if you are guilty of this, here are a few ideas for you.

  1.  Think big.   Look at your life schedule, family schedules, and make an outline of your training needs on a daily, monthly, and six-month basis
  2. Go smaller.  Don’t be afraid to go down a race distance or to take on a smaller challenge than your desired distance at first.  You can master the skills you need and work on your fundamentals instead of mistakenly crushing bigger volume and getting injured or overtrained.
  3.  Gather your army!   Recruit family members for support first.  Then add in friends, a coach, group training, etc.   Surround yourself with pillars of support so you won’t falter and you remain accountable.   Gather your triathlon army!
  4. Finally, as with other areas of your life.   Do what you say.   Very simply, keep your promises to yourself.   It’s a habit of highly effective people and highly effective triathletes!  So become one and get started already!




Stacey is a former professional triathlete turned full-time elite coach. Certifications include USAT Level I and II. USA Cycling Elite Coach, Levels 1, 2, and 3. USA Track and Field Level I. TRX Instructor Certification.

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