TriStacey Athlete Testimonials- Straight from the Athletes

There are no words to describe what a fantastic Coach Stacey is. I will try my hardest to let you know the impact she has had on me. First, after training with Stacey I lost minutes off each of the three events after only 1.5 months of working with her, I lost 15 pounds, and gained the confidence I needed to race the hardest races I have ever done! I completed my first two Olympic distance Triathlons and out of the 8 races I did this season, placed in the top 8 in my age group and taking a podium in three out of the 8. She motivates me daily and sends me constant emails. There have been several times I was in tears about performance and she talked me through it every time. If I forgot my running shoes or bike I am sure Stacey would let me borrow hers. Too bad I am twice her size!!! But she cares so much about the sport and the people she coaches. You would be lucky to have her as your coach. Seriously, get her while you can because pretty soon there is going to be a wait list, lol! Thanks for making me an awesome athlete. One of these days I am going to be racing right next to you for that first place overall spot!!!!
– Nicole Robertson

Testimonial from her First Athlete: I was just getting into Triathletes when I met this fast biker and I wanted to know her secrets. Stacey and I began to work in 2007. She and I have a great relationship and she has helped me improve 10 fold. I am a coach and let me tell you, even coaches need to be coached. No athlete can do it on their own and Stacey has listened to me and adapated my schedule around my job, how I am feeling, and my drive to succeed. She has tested me many times and tried new things to see how I adapt and I appreciate that. I have and will recommend Stacey to any athlete. She is the type of coach that I could hand one of my own athletes over and feel good about it.
– Tom Clifford

Not only is Stacey a great athlete, but she’s a student of the sport of triathlon. Over the past few years, she’s attended several of my presentations/talks covering various aspects of the science and application of training for triathlon. She’s always ready with great questions, and demonstrates that she’s an avid learner with a critical mind. In combination with her positive attitude and strong work ethic, I’m sure she does a great job coaching her athletes.
– Stephen McGregor, Professor Exercise Science

Stacey has been my coach for just over two seasons. She is an amazing coach, and athlete. She has taken me from a newbie triathlete who couldn’t clip in and out of bike shoes to a competitive age grouper who will be going to Nationals this year. She motivates all her clients and treats them like a king or queen. She knows how to motivate you through the hard times and gets in your head to help you learn about yourself and racing. Everyone should be as lucky as we are to have her as a coach!! I can’t wait to see where she takes me in my triathlon career.
– Lisa Ward

After interviewing a number of coaches, Stacey really stood out from the rest of them due to her professionalism and excellent communication skills. Her methodology and incredible amount of knowledge in swim, bike, run, strength, and recovery is everything I was expecting from a coach. Stacey will provide an entire team who supports her through her own professional career. It consists of expert bike fits, nutritionist, physio, LT testing, gait analysis and contacts to a huge base of very knowledgeable persons in the sport of triathlon. You get a real sense that an entire team is supporting you as you progress and reach your goals. Stacey turned out to be an excellent coach and a good friend. I look forward to our 2012 season.
– Sylvain Lefebvre

I decided to challenge myself in the year of my 40th birthday and got into the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon through a lottery. Having only done a few sprints prior, I knew I needed some help to achieve my lofty goal. Working with a coach I thought would not be easy as I often work crazy hours as a general and trauma surgeon. Stacey exceeded all of my expectations in preparing for this race. Her workouts were tailored to my work schedule and let up when needed after a sleepless night on call. In addition she kept my running fitness up when I had problems with shin splints. Her energy is amazing, her knowledge fantastic and she shares it frequently on- line, and she literally will give the wetsuit off her back to help others succeed. In 6 months of work I got back into shape, lost 15-20 pounds, and gained the confidence to attack this race. I came out of the water 85 th out of 2000 racers and just behind the pros. Got passed by a bunch of people on the bike and run but came across the finish line strong and proud. I can’t say enough great things about Stacey as a friend and coach who can help others attain their goals. I am so pleased I have entered more races and plan to continue working with her.
– Jeff Abrams

We love the enthusiasm Stacey brings to her coaching, the sport, and the community. Combine that with her vast knowledge and experience, and she is an amazing resource for those looking for self-improvement!
– Brian and Tricia White – Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro

As a mother of 4 young children (6 and under), training for Ironman is demanding. Stacey worked with my schedule and we made it happen. She took me from being a part-time athlete/exerciser with no real focus to an incredibly strong, proud, fit woman. Thank you Stacey- I am now a top age-grouper!
– Caroline Kratz

Stacey is a perfect fit for coaching! Her love for the sport, her passion for her athletes and her enthusiastic personality all shine through when interacting with her! She cares about every athlete, even those that aren’t hers. When volunteering at B2B, she took the time to help me get re-focused on my goal of crossing the finish line of my first Ironman, she is truly amazing!!!!
– Jenn Mayfield

Talk about energy… get out on the bike with Stacey for intervals (do it during her taper week and she’ll still take you 10/10 times!) She writes fun workouts and is able to really get to the core of her athletes, she is an amazing athlete herself, but having her coach you live on site is some fun like you haven’t had since you were a kid. If you are trying to decide on a coach, I would strongly suggest you schedule a workout with Stacey – bring a friend who you can compete closely with… and watch Stacey in coaching action. She coaches like she races – 110%
– Cindy Bohlin

Just completed my second year of coaching with Stacey. She is dedicated and passionate about triathlons and her athletes.She has helped me with time management making my workouts quality over quantity. Stacey really listens to her athletes priorities and how they are feeling on a frequent basis and adjusts workouts accordingly. When you decide to sign on with Stacey you are not given a number but rather a friendship. She keeps you balanced and in check with life!!!
– Shannon Lowery

I met Stacey when she attended a USA Cycling Level 2 clinic. To call her inquisitive would an understatement! She asked lots of questions, but unlike so many others she was asking the questions to gain a deeper understanding of the material, particularly the exercise physiology, and not just asking questions to hear herself talk. After that clinic, she would call or email with questions—really good questions—-wanting to know more in-depth information and how to apply it to make the athletes she coaches better. I think this is an attribute that makes her an outstanding coach.
– Sam Callan, former Director of Coaching Education, USA Cycling

Stacey’s been racing with us at Set Up Events for years – I‘d be hard pressed to remember exactly what year I first met this dynamo. Having stood at many a finish line, I can tell you that Stacey leaves nothing out on the course. I can only imagine that she probably brings that same energy and passion to her coaching. We’ve been very fortunate to have Stacey acting in the capacity of our Run Course Special Needs Coordinator for the nationally renowned PPD Beach2Battlehip iron distance triathlon held each fall in Wilmington. This has now become one aspect of B2B that we don’t have to worry about – not as long as Stacey’s handing it. Bill Scott
– Bill Scott

When looking for a coach, there are three primary factors: 1) What is their experience level, either athlete, coach or both? 2) Do they continually learn and implement best practices? Do they think critically? 3) How invested are they in your performance? Are they just as committed to your success as you are? Stacey has all of these qualities in the highest degree. She is experienced, smart and continually seeks out, sifts through and brings her athletes the critical information, understandable to any athlete from beginner to expert. She has the highest level of caring and commitment to her athletes, her community and family. For your best performance – TriStacey!
– Jim Anderson

I’ve never been a podium athlete, never thought I would be. Didn’t hire a coach to earn awards… all I wanted was the strength, endurance, and most importantly confidence to complete the open water swim in the White Lake sprint tri. Training with Stacey has made all my workouts fun. Like she says above, I used to dread my self designed workouts, skip them, or feel miserable during races. In 4 months with Stacey, training 6 days a week, I never had a workout that I dreaded or skipped for any reason other than time crunch. I enjoy her training so much that I brought my bike and trainer in the mini van to Disney on our family trip. While I would do the work on my own, I look forward to it with coach Stacey, work much harder, and train much smarter. Under her coaching I’ve competed in 3 races- a last minute entry in my first duathlon where I earned second place AG, a 10 miler where I planned to run casual but earned a PR, and White Lake sprint tri where I earned 3rd place AG. I completed the swim with confidence, nailed my bike and run goals, but most importantly I felt great during all 3 of these races. It is one day after the race and my training with Stacey has given me the confidence to register for my next open water race… in the ocean!
– Cindy Bohlin

I thought long and hard about what to write… where to even begin… First off let me just say, Stace is the best. I started racing in 2007, and by racing I mean running and biking. See I was always a swimmer, so land sports were new and strange to me. The first two seasons I raced were decent but I wanted to be stronger, faster, and better! I was missing something… a coach. Stace and I clicked from our first conversation, so I knew then that I wanted her as my coach. Stace works well with others, she listens and adapts to situations. Its never the same and she is ok with that. Her workouts are tailored to fit me and my goals. Speaking of… one of my ambitious goals for 2009 was to win my AG… I DID just that, and without Stace I would not have been able to do it. I also PR’d in just about every race I did, again could not have done that without her mad coaching skills. She told me when to push and when to chill. Listen to what she has to say and you will gain alot. She cares and wants the best. Not to mention she is very motivating and believes in me. Stace is a wonderful person and a outstanding coach. Regardless of your level she can coach you.
– Kristen Smith

Stacey’s coaching style is very energetic, positive and upbeat. She trained my 7 year old for his first short-course duathlon. He loved training with her because she made it fun and interesting and got out of her way to know what makes him tick. Every session was an enormous confidence builder for him. Stacey also greeted every work-out he did on his own with much enthusiasm which kept getting him back out there to train. He had so much fun during the race and didn’t even seem to mind the cold wet rain. He is so proud that he beat more than 35 adults at the finish line! Now they are focusing on swimming to partiicpate in a triathlon. After even one lesson his swimming skills improved more than I ever thought was possible. He loves working with her and so do we.
– Miranda van Tillburg

When I first started working with Stacey, I had a dream that I would one day do an Ironman triathlon. It was one of those ‘someday’ things on my bucket list. I loved to train but could never get myself to commit to a race and see it through. I was the ultimate self-saboteur in that I would get right down to the sign-up date and then find some reason I “couldn’t” do it. I knew I needed an additional ‘push’ and sought out someone with experience, who knew all levels of triathlon and how to pull it off while still balancing a job and a family. I had first heard of Stacey because of her reputation as a pro athlete, but I didn’t know if she would be willing to work with a newbie like me. Low and behold, she was more than willing – she actually seemed to find it really enjoyable! Stacey LOVES her athletes – almost like a proud mama. She has athletic expectations for us that are as high or higher than what we have for ourselves but is also very intuitive to what is going on in our heads. Throughout the last 2 seasons of working with her, she has helped me to transition from a fearful, self-doubting triathlete-wanna-be into a confident, tough racer. With her knowledge and expertise, I made it through my entire Ironman training season injury free and happily reached my finishing goal. Stacey even made herself available to attend my Ironman race and cheer me through the finish line (talk about personal attention!) I now look forward to many more years of being coached by Stacey, crushing the finishing time that was once my “unachievable” goal – and any other race barriers that stand in my way!
– Lindsay MacDiarmada

Stacey is a close friend, and I have seen bits and pieces of her approach to coaching, so my comments may not be as expansive as her clients. Stacey demonstrates a willingness to know each athlete as an individual. I know how much she seeks to provide each athlete with what they need that is separate and distinct from other clients. That attention to personal goals and needs to my thinking is key. I am a runner with goals that are very different from friends of mine. I would value that individual treatment. Knowing when to push and when to support is key and I suspect for a triathelete, even more so important given the time commitment to training.
– Mark Fisher

Stacy is not my triathlon coach. She is my life coach. She knows me inside and out and cares for me like a mother. 🙂 If you’re looking for a coach that will get into your head, help make you a better athlete and person, and be 100% open and honest with you, Stacey is your woman. Sign up early cause TriStacy is gonna be big…don’t miss the boat!!!
– Kim Eagens

It was raining and cold on the morning of a 4 mile race. There was lots of whining going on. But Stacey had provided me with a great game plan. I was warming up and doing strides while people were hiding indoors and complaining. I noticed that the race winner (I took fifth) was doing the same…
– Adam

I have been working with Stacey for about a year now and am very happy to be able to provide a testimonial. In many ways I’m not typical of Stacey’s athletes, many of whom are incredible performers who compete at the very highest national and international levels. Me?….. Not so much! I’m, let’s just say, not as young as I used to be and I have a very busy schedule balancing family commitments and a career in international business development which sees me traveling extensively and often at short notice! I’m sure that I’m not Stacey’s easiest client, but she does a wonderful job arranging my training around my schedule and dealing with seemingly constant changes – and all with a smile and a great sense of humor! Stacey is a great motivator and capable of pushing hard, but is also very “tuned-in” to each individual athlete’s general health, energy levels, personal wellbeing and so on. I have been very impressed with her technical knowledge not only in each of the three triathlon disciplines, but also in exercise physiology, nutrition, recovery, sports psychology and other critical related areas. I have seen dramatic improvements in my performance and am confident that Stacey will continue to get the best out of me!
– Roger Lias

When I started my IRONMAN training one year ago using information from a book and website I did so against the recommendations of other triathletes who kept telling me to get a good coach. Stacey’s name was given to me more than once as a great coach but fear of the unknown kept me from calling her. So, I started training using a template and hoped it would be enough…. Boy was I wrong! I would occasionally swim with swimmers, run with runners and ride with cyclists but I never trained with a professional triathlete. I started having all kinds of issues towards the end of the training and had no one to talk to and no one to get advice from. So, I started working with her on a limited basis. Once I started seeing her deep athletic knowledge and her unbelievable kindness and non-judgmental attitude I was hooked. She was kind enough to take me on as an athlete just 6 weeks before my race date. My first real session with her was for swimming. What I learned during that hour was more helpful to me than what I had done for at least 3 months prior to knowing her. What a difference! She was also very instrumental in learning about cycling/ running and the fourth discipline of triathlons: NUTRITION. Without her I would have been a complete mess during my race and I’m pretty sure I would not have been able to complete it. When I started training alone I thought I needed information, but what I really needed was an advocate, a friend, and a coach. The only disappointment I have is for not having worked with her earlier. She believed in me and helped me believe in myself. Thank you Stacey!
– Bilal Saib

Finishing an ironman is an emotional, mental, and physical endeavor. Yes, it is personal and only you can be the one to decide how or if you will finish. All the choices you make from the moment you sign up until the moment you cross the line are significant parts of the entire event. The support and guidance from others is just as important as the effort you put in. One of the best decisions I made in my Ironman journey was to hire a coach. My choice was Stacey Richardson from TRIStacey. Now, any coach can write out workouts and hope that the client follows them but this doesn’t mean either will get lasting physical or mental benefits from the experience. There has to be a working coach- athlete relationship. Stacey “got” me. Her approach to coaching me took into account not only my age and physical condition but also my emotional and mental fluctuations. She formed me from the core on out. Every work out had a purpose. This purpose was rarely written but came to me in an “aha” moment just about every day. I became excited to experience these nuggets of knowledge and always looked forward to the next workout. In seven months, I never had the same workout! In seven months of training I never felt the exhaustion that so many others training for Ironman events complain of. In seven months, I never looked past more than one day to see what my workouts were going to be. I put my trust in Stacey. I did each workout as if it was the only one I ever would do. On the couple of occasions I questioned a workout and wasn’t sure why I was doing it, she was glad to explain the why and also flexible enough to listen to me and make an adjustment based on my feelings and perceptions too. Stacey trusted me. Stacey is a cheerleader but she also lays it out just like she sees it. Her intelligence, knowledge, experience, sincerity, and intuition made her a great fit for me. What I gained from my Ironman training relationship with Stacey will be with me as I move onto my next challenge…whatever I choose that to be. Thanks Coachie! Your Kona Girl, Carolyn
– Carolyn Gentry

Stacey has worked with my son for the past year as a strength and run coach. She has helped him develop as a distance runner and person. Stacey has done an excellent job at building his confidence and increased his fitness to the point where he is competitive at the high school varsity level. To accomplish this feat Stacey helped develop his core strength, running form and speed endurance. Stacey has a great personality and both my son and I have enjoyed working with her. Stacey has my highest level of support.
– DC-Parent

Stacey Richardson… Wow! She is, in my opinon, the most energetic, wise, strong, and talented coach/athlete that I have ever met. Stacey shares her experience with all of her athletes within their training plans and in fact-to-face meetings. She loves us all very much and I am one of many who love her just as much. With Stacey as my coach, I have PR’d in every event, won the Trysports series for my age group two years in a row, won third overall female in the Trysports series, and learned to take pride in what I can do. I do not know where I would be without Stacey Richardson, and I am just so blessed to have known her as long as I have.
– Lilianna Fernandez

I knew that I had potential after some success in running races last year,but had no knowledge or experience regarding proper training. So I treated myself to a coach- and what a treat Stacey is! My race goal was White Lake Sprint Tri, but at 44 my long term goal is to stay injury free and ensure that my body is still up for it 30+ years down the line! With full on family life I found no time to design my own workouts, I would rather use the time training! Stacey has helped me train smart! Her energy is infectious and she is a constant source of very sound advice ( you must listen!) and remarkable insight- so impressed with her skill at assesing ability, strengths and needs. Stacey is a great nurturer and I feel so looked after- being answerable to someone apart from myself has kept me on track. As a non- swimmer an open water tri seemed a crazy idea, but last weekend I came 7th AG and even enjoyed the swim! In the run up I placed 1st AG in both a short duathlon and a 10 Mile run race(PR too). Everyone can benefit from a coach, regardless of level!
– Jenny Clough

Stacey has helped inspire me to strive for greatness as a new triathlete. The attention to detail is phenomenal. She works with my very busy academic and teaching schedule to craft fun but challenging workouts. Stacey responds to my questions immediately. If you are looking for someone to push you, but offer great support along the way, try Stacey!
– Adam Dean

She is the best coach ever. She has help me become a good athlete.
– Forrest Heath

Shout out to my Girl, Stacey R.! You are an exceptional mother, friend, athlete, and coach. For those that know Stacey, you know that she lives life beyond the fullest and always gives 110%. For those that have yet to meet Stacey, you are about to be wowed. As a person, she is one of the most thoughtful individuals I’ve known; as an athlete, she is fierce; and as a coach, she not only knows the science, she coaches from her heart. You’re the bomb-diggity 🙂
– Marisa

I originally hired Stacey to help me survive a charity half-marathon, and after just two months of training with her I cut a half-hour off my previous year’s time–and did so injury-free. Since then, Stacey has taught me running, biking, and swimming technique so I can race triathlons confidently (PR’ing each time out), and she’s created personalized training plans that respect my schedule and abilities, and get me to places I never thought I was capable of. For me, triathlon is just one part of a full and busy life, but Stacey doesn’t give me any less attention than she does her world-class competitors, or make me feel that I’m somehow not as much an athlete. With kindness, patience, and compassion, she listens and cares about my athletic goals, and she knows how to get me there. She also understands and is sensitive to the fact that triathlon is an individual and a family matter. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about physiology, biomechanics, psychology, proper nutrition, injury prevention/treatment, and the geekier aspects of exercise (perfect for a data-head like me), and she’s also a total girl who understands that being fit AND looking good are important motivators. 🙂 I’m proud to have Stacey Richardson as my coach and friend.
– Andrea Ferguson

I have been working with Stacey for several years now. Stacey is enthusiastic, committed and intelligent. Combine these attributes with a positive and supportive attitude and you have a great coach. Whenever I have the chance to work on her bike or help her with her own fit, she is always cheerful and a pleasure to work with. Over the years, I have watched her work to achieve her own cycling goals and I have always been impressed by her level of dedication. I have also had the opportunity to work with all of her athletes in my own discipline, and they always have great things to say about her. It is evident to me from working with her athletes that her enthusiasm is contagious and her level of support and dedication is key in helping them achieve their own goals. It has been a pleasure working with Stacey over the years and I would not hesitate in recommending because I believe all the qualities I have witnessed over the years would make for an outstanding coach.
– Matt Loder, Cary Cycle Surgeon

Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Stacy Richardson as an Athlete, Student, Coach, and Parent. She wears her passion for the sports of triathlon and running like a lycra body suit. Close to the heart. Many elite athletes and former athletes “play” at being a coach. They merely repeat their personal experience and try and transpose there career on to their athletes. Stacy’s approach to coaching is dramatically different. From day one as a athlete and coach she has been a student of the sport. She has sought to learn the latest methodology. She individualizes the training programs of her athletes to their personal needs. Because of her experience as a national caliber athlete and parent she understands the challenge of balancing high level training with a quality family life. Her wealth of experience allows her to understand the training needs of all athletes: beginners and elite, young and old. She has my highest recommendation as a coach.
– Andrew Allden – USATF Coaching Educator

I have witnessed Stacey’s racing and coaching since moving to the USA in 1997 and have seen how well she and all her athletes have performed over the years, she is an amazing person to work with and knows how to bring out your potential based on your own circumstances. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone looking to improve their race times or if you are looking for a smarter way of training. You go girl…..
– Boby Dixon

Last fall as I thought about the coming year and the fact I was turning 40. I wanted to do something big, take control of my life, challenge myself, and show 40 it ain’t got nothing on me.

I decided to register for Ironman Louisville! Let the journey begin. I sat down with coach Stacey and shared my goal. Together we came up with a plan to turn me into the Iron princess warrior goddess! We made a plan that would push me out of my comfort zone, and make me push harder than ever before in training. This was as much of a mental training as it was physical, if not more. I had to train to get out of my head, push deeper than I’ve ever pushed, and believe in myself and my training!

End result, I lost 20lbs, I was more fit than I have been in years, I had conquered hilly rides, ran stronger, and I truly believed in myself! I was ready! On October 11th, 2015, I had a truly amazing 140.6 in Louisville!
-Jenn Mayfield

  • Stacey has been my coach for a year and a half And I am grateful to have her by my side teaching me all she knows about triathonlons and Training to my ability. She has been my go to person on all aspects of reading racing and nutrition. She knows when to push me hard and when to back off. I am new to this sport and have grown so much in the sport with stacey. This year I completed my first full ironman and earned a sport to worlds 70.3. I could not have done that without an amazing coach by my side working through work, kids and even a couple small injuries.

  • Stacey has an amazing amount of technical knowledge and expertise that she brings to individual and group coaching. I have absolutely improved as an athlete as a direct result from working with her. If you are planning to make the jump from Half to Full Ironman’s I would highly recommend scheduling a meeting with Stacey. She is also great a planning group events that connect you with a team of athletes who support and inspire you. Group outings and weekend trips for events are always a fantastic combination of work and fun.

  • Jeffrey Anderson

    In celebration of my 49th birthday year I gave myself the gift of triathlon.
    Enter Stacey, my coach, who was so instrumental in my first successful season. After our first meeting, I knew she was the right person to guide me on my journey. I really liked her approach of training the whole person both physically and mentally to race their best race for where they are at on the journey. She had to start at the very beginning with me. We took it step by step. I gradually improved and had a blast along the way!! She gently nudged me outside my comfort zone when I needed it and before long I was doing things I never imagined. Ride a 75 mile gran fondo in the mountains, no problem! Do 8 1/2 football fields of open water swimming when I couldn’t even swim a lap before she started coaching me, I’ve got that too! I trusted in the process and believed in myself because she said I could do it.
    Stacey is a fantastic coach because she tailors the training to your needs and time constraints. She provides daily guidance and support and is truly a partner in your journey. Her passion for the sport is really evident and she is constantly working to improve her knowledge so that she can pass it along to her athletes. Her slow twitch running clinics knocked 1:05 off my mile pace.
    One last aspect of being a TriStacey athlete that I absolutely love is her tri-tribe. Her roster of athletes are a fantastic group of people to experience this sport with. They’ve been so welcoming to this newbie and have made this first season so much fun. The sense of the supportive community gives you such a boost when you need it the most.
    Thank you Stacey & the TriStacey tribe for the amazing experiences of this first year. I am so excited to get started on season #2!!
    – Jeffrey Anderson (45-49 age grouper)

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