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December 31, 2011
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Welcome to Wellness Coaching!

Let’s begin your journey.  Services include well coaching weight loss, weekly menu planning, time management coaching, couch to 5k programs, functional strength, yoga for every day, and bathing suit blast programs.   Make it happen with an experienced guide, feedback, a customized workout program, nutrition counseling, and somebody to push you on your way, praise your efforts, and offer guidance.

Monthly rates begin at $225.00 for complete packages including:

daily workout check ins, “live time” using text messaging or email

daily food journaling and positive feedback

long-term goal setting and monthly review sessions over skype or phone

daily email of simple workouts over Training Peaks

constant feedback from your wellness coach

injury prevention/functional strength suggestions

One- on- one training available in all activities from power walking to aqua jogging, home gym workouts and trainer on call options.

Current clients include Type II diabetes clients, corporate wellness clients through the Brian Centers, and individuals who are fighting food addictions, obesity, and those pesky 5  lbs.  Let’s make it happen. Are you ready?






professional triathlete and coach. ower TRIstacey coaching.

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